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is the inspiration of founder and owner Jocelyn who believes that everyone should have access to affordable enjoyable effective exercise


Building on her successful Zumba™ classes
Jocelyn supported the qualification of new instructors to create

a socially responsible health and well-being company.  

By coming together, training together

and learning from each other’s experiences

FitBorders classes will help you achieve your
well-being goals through a range of fitness offerings from the gentlest introduction to the very challenging   

The passion and commitment
of our instructors is at the very core of
FitBorders and class sizes are always monitored to ensure you have the best experience possible.

The FitBorders team
now incorporates talent from right across the Scottish Borders to offers you more choices that can meet your your health and fitness needs   

Class prices reflect the varying communities across the Borders dependent on time, venue and need. We only ask you to pay a block up front for progressive  learning classes. FitBorders do all we can to ensure anyone who wishes to attend one of our classes – can!
We have the individual at the heart of our ethos and our strap line says it all—”it’s all about you!”